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I started photography when I was 14 and decided to make it my career in high school. I shot my first wedding in 2017, and the rest is history! When 2020 hit, I discovered my love for photographing more intimate celebrations and started photographing more elopements and small weddings. My husband Sam and I eloped in 2020 on Madeline Island and it was such an amazing experience.

A few personal things about me that you may not know:

-I am a Christian saved by grace. My relationship with Jesus is the center of my life.

-I’ve always been an avid reader. I love immersing myself in a good fantasy, romance, or thriller book. My favorite book series is Throne of Glass by SJM, but Harry Potter is my comfort series.

-I watch The Office on repeat. I’ve seen it so many times I’ve lost count and I quote it consistently.

-I love animals. I would have a pet raccoon if I could. My husband and I have a golden retriever named Tidus and he’s our baby.

-If I were to be any Tolkien character I would be a Hobbit— because food, cozy homes, and good vibes. I don’t even care about the big feet.


I'm a documentary photographer because


Observation and anticipating your moments is my biggest strength as a photographer. Observing without intervention allows for me to capture the genuine relationships you have with the people around you, and all the once in a lifetime moments that happen throughout your day. 

I genuinely believe that people do not need direction over every moment on their wedding day in order to have good photos. But I suppose that brings up the question— what makes a good photo to you? Is it a perfectly curated scene that was heavily directed, or is it the feeling of seeing the joy on someone's face that takes you back to that moment in time?

I’ve been photographing couples for a long time, and some of the best photos I take are when they didn’t even know I was taking a photo. My favorite photo from my own elopement was snapped when we didn’t know it was being taken. 

If you’d like to take portraits on your wedding/elopement day, I’ll be there to guide you through loose prompts and direction that makes sense for your unique relationship. It’s natural to become self conscious when you know a camera is on you, but I want to break through that insecurity and show you that how you already are is enough. 

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